Lights become a source of lighting in the house at night. There are various types of lights that you can use, such as light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, TL lamps, halogen lamps, LED lights, and hybrid lamps. Each type of lamp has a different function. However, that does not mean that the design of the lights that you use in the house must look boring. You can provide a little decoration

Although the design of a farmhouse bathroom looks more suitable for homes in the countryside, it doesn’t hurt if you live in an urban area to implement it and combine it. Because the design of a farmhouse bathroom that offers calm and warmth can actually neutralize the hectic urban atmosphere around you. Especially if you combine it with an elegant modern style for you to use every day. You can

How often do you drink coffee? For coffee lovers, don’t drink coffee for a day just less complete, yeah, it feels. Not only in cafes, but you can also bring a cool and super cozy atmosphere of coffee in your own home. Where the development of our times and thinking as humans, a lot of new ideas in various fields including the fields of design and decoration. An example is

Decorating the bedroom is something fun where you can be creative according to your taste. No matter the size of your bedroom, because decorating the bedroom will still feel fun. There are many things you can do in decorating your bedroom, one of which is to create an amazing bedroom wall design for your bedroom. Bedroom walls can be your creative land in decorating your bedroom. The easiest wall decoration

Bathtubs can be the most appropriate alternative for you to make the main choice for you to use in a minimalist bathroom. Because the bathtub will be very suitable to give a minimalist impression in your bathroom. And as you know that bathrooms with bathtubs are now increasingly in demand, and because of that, you must be smarter in choosing your bathtub design so that it is not considered too

Along with the popularity of small and minimalist design houses, interior decoration with a mini or small concept is also becoming a trend nowadays. Its charming appearance and comfortable atmosphere make small interior decoration a favorite of many. Interior decoration with a small minimalist concept can be applied throughout the room in your homes such as the living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom. And this time we

If you talk about the front porch, then I can say that the front porch is one part that is very influential on the appearance of the house. How come? The terrace of the house is the part that is immediately visible to others before they enter further into your home. For this reason, it is important to determine the design of the porch in accordance with the character and

When arranging kitchen designs, usually only some people dare to express different styles. Most kitchens are designed in a minimalist style that tends to be easily arranged and timeless. But who would have thought, the concept of bohemian design was no less riveting to be applied to your beautiful kitchen. Bohemian kitchen designs can be translated into many forms. It can be a gray wall, a chair made of solid

Does your living room look boring and out of date? The space used as a place to welcome guests should be given more attention. Unfortunately, often a lot of items are left to pile up and make the condition look obsolete. Gradually, the living room also lost its charm. In fact, if you are shrewd enough to choose, the addition of pillows and chairs that can beautify the room and

In a living room space, limitations are increasingly becoming an issue that is quite troubling at this time. Because a lot of homes today are small in size and simple in decoration. For that the space created in each room is not so big. And because of that we want to try to offer a solution, where to increase your living room space, you can try to provide a smart