Rooftop living space design is a charming design that is popular for you to try. Now the design has become a trend for houses with spacious roofs. In addition to being an appropriate relaxing area, Rooftop living space is a new idea for you to try. An outdoor sensation that will give a different impression to you and your family. Even with this idea, your guests will also feel the

If you talk about the front porch, then I can say that the front porch is one part that is very influential on the appearance of the house. How come? The terrace of the house is the part that is immediately visible to others before they enter further into your home. For this reason, it is important to determine the design of the porch in accordance with the character and

Sleep is important for humans. Therefore it is necessary for humans to have good sleep time to maintain their health. The way to maintain good sleep is to get enough sleep, not to go to bed late at night, and not to consume foods that contain caffeine before going to sleep and sleep in a comfortable place. Usually sleep will feel more comfortable if we use a soft mattress. a

In designing the front porch of the house, many supporting elements form a unified terrace. However, one thing that is crucial in arranging the front porch is the comfort of seating on the terrace. See our front porch designs below to find inspiration for building or rearranging your front porch. Taking inspiration from Western country houses such as the United States and several countries in Europe, the feel of the

Residential houses with open areas such as backyards certainly need to be put to good use. This area can be used to gather with family or friends and talk to be more intimate. Of course, the area that can be used both during the day and at night needs to be equipped with warm areas such as a fireplace between the sitting couches. Here are some unique designs of outdoor

For you pet lovers, especially fish animals, there is nothing that tastes more fun than enjoying the view back and forth favorite fish in a special pool. No wonder the design of a minimalist fish pond or pond design with a natural impression is one of the most sought after by homeowners as well as fish lovers. The priority in beautiful fish ponds is the shape and features that make

In general, the fence serves as a barrier or safety for the house. But over time, its function continues to grow. Among them to add to the beauty of the facade or exterior, increase privacy in the house, to complement the garden decoration. In addition to a variety of fence design options, you also need to consider the material to be used. Whether the material is iron, wood, cement, concrete,

One part of the house that you cannot forget and is important is the home page. Good for the front page or backyard. This home page you can function as a green area and also as a gathering and playing area for your family. Or you can make it a convenient location to gather with your family and guests on the page. There are many choices to create a comfortable

Of course, it requires a long process to take advantage of the outdoor patio area as our home development, meet the needs of outside sitting space, and the right place to mingle while enjoying the warm sunshine in a cool and comfortable room. And to turn it into a comfortable area requires furniture that is suitable for the size of a small outdoor patio. So that space does not seem

The backyard is generally used as an outdoor relaxing area. Some choose to make a terrace, gazebo, fish pond, to a swimming pool. Even though the yard size is small, the idea of ​​making a small, comfortable swimming pool can still be realized! Now, this has been found quite a variety of small swimming pool designs that do not take too much land. That way you can make your backyard