One present convenience that is thankful for, especially for city dwellers, is the kitchen now. You no longer need to look for firewood or draw water to make a cup of coffee. If well designed, you can feel proud of its existence. Where before, the kitchen is practical, for cooking purposes only. But along with the development of time, in addition to functional, the kitchen has become part of a

Speaking of small kitchen design, almost every housewife or small kitchen user will often complain and frustrated over the limitations in terms of space and function. This mistake is common and often occurs because small kitchen designs rarely give priority to the needs of mothers or kitchen users in total. What’s more, many homeowners leave their small kitchen design affairs to home developers. This problem might arise because the size

If you’re looking for ingredients that are right for a kitchen countertop or bar, we’ve prepared some of the best kitchen countertop inspirations for you. With a number of different styles, the following ideas will make your kitchen look different and amazing. For help in realizing a kitchen idea that is riveting and comfortable, you don’t need to hesitate to contact professionals to be more perfect and fit in choosing

The idea of ​​a wooden kitchen island is one of the advantages of kitchen decoration. Because usually the kitchen island is rarely found using wood like this. However, to further provide an accent that looks rustic, you can apply a kitchen island with wood material. Using wood is indeed very elegant and comfortable so much is applied to the current kitchen design. So not only on the kitchen island which

For many families, the kitchen is the point or center of a home. Not only mothers are busy spending time in the kitchen, but all family members also often automatically gather in this room. So, it’s not wrong if you spend more time considering kitchen designs, including kitchen shelves. For those of you who need an impressive kitchen rack idea, maybe the design ideas below can be your inspiration to

Although now has given birth to many models and design styles, not a few who still like and maintain their “old” tastes. Call it a vintage style. The design style of this one still occupies the top position in the hearts of some people, no matter the age has gone far. Having a residence that is designed according to your wishes and tastes will certainly be very pleasant. For those

If you are a person who is looking for a design and decoration from a rustic kitchen, then you can try looking at some of the design ideas below. Then you will feel standing in your cozy country kitchen, admiring the warm light that can only be emitted by an old wooden cupboard and natural fireplace, and the aroma of pine trees envelops your senses. You fall into your favorite

Whatever the style, the kitchen is the heart of the house. But for those of us who are obsessed with making others feel welcome, there is no better choice than the aesthetics of a farmhouse. If you are thinking of bringing a modern farmhouse kitchen to your home, you are in luck. The design and decoration of the farmhouse are indeed amazing for you to be able to make a

The choice of monochrome color is indeed a trend that is so loved by the public at this time. Included in the selection of property in the house. Where every corner of the room will be considered to look more elegant and modern when applying a similar color selection. One way is to apply the concept of monochrome color to your kitchen design. Well, for those of you who are

French kitchen is a design that is currently popular. Where for those of you who think long to make a difference in the kitchen you should try to see this French design. Where the kitchen itself is one of the important elements that is often left unnoticed or designed with eccentricity because its function is ‘only’ for cooking and just preparing everyday food. Thoughts like that that used to make