Lights become a source of lighting in the house at night. There are various types of lights that you can use, such as light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, TL lamps, halogen lamps, LED lights, and hybrid lamps. Each type of lamp has a different function. However, that does not mean that the design of the lights that you use in the house must look boring. You can provide a little decoration

How often do you drink coffee? For coffee lovers, don’t drink coffee for a day just less complete, yeah, it feels. Not only in cafes, but you can also bring a cool and super cozy atmosphere of coffee in your own home. Where the development of our times and thinking as humans, a lot of new ideas in various fields including the fields of design and decoration. An example is

When arranging kitchen designs, usually only some people dare to express different styles. Most kitchens are designed in a minimalist style that tends to be easily arranged and timeless. But who would have thought, the concept of bohemian design was no less riveting to be applied to your beautiful kitchen. Bohemian kitchen designs can be translated into many forms. It can be a gray wall, a chair made of solid

When entering a standard-sized house, of course designing an entryway or lobby at the front of the house is not too unthinkable. The absence of a mudroom or seat in the front area sometimes makes visitors feel directly into the inside of the house. The various ways to decorate the front entrance of the house, so that it feels interesting the attention of your guests. We have prepared several entryway

To make your home more presentable, a wardrobe is one solution you can choose from. It is difficult to store and organize things at home that are no longer used. But if the space in your house is not so large, so you have to think twice about having it. However, you can develop storage solutions in your home and make your home a functional home. Like building a second

One important element that should not be forgotten in building a 2-story house is a stair. Since a long time ago, wood material has often been used to make traditional stairs. Over time, it turns out that more and more wooden stair design ideas are suitable for minimalist housing. By using an elegant industrial stair design for a modern home or for a home with your industrial style. With this

Study desks become important for those of you who are still in college or in school. Its main function is where your children learn and do their work. Usually studying at the desk makes bored quickly. Isn’t that right? This could have happened because of the same study desk design. Just a plain table without any decoration. If your child gets bored quickly when at the desk, maybe it’s time

Reading is an activity that is sometimes done before going to bed, especially in a child’s room. One of the objects that must be present is a unique sleep lamp. The function of the sleep light has now begun to shift. From what used to be just providing light for reading, now the unique sleep lamp is also used as one of the room’s decorations. So what about your room?

All families must aspire to have a comfortable residence. But, to determine the model and design of housing that is appropriate to the dream would be difficult if you do not have various shapes. By that, we will provide information about the latest minimalist home designs. Because besides being comfortable, the updated model will suit you who are taking part in the times. Stairs, in addition to their function of

The cupboard is furniture whose function is unquestionable. This is furniture that helps us maintain the neatness of the house, even when we don’t have time to clean. A wardrobe for storing clothes is also as important as another wardrobe. All clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. can be stored in it, so we can enjoy the perfect neatness every day. If there is no cupboard on the market that suits your