How to design a new small garden that is currently trending in search? Design a small garden that uses cute and beautiful succulent plants to be the perfect design in your home area. Because not all houses have a garden as part of the house. This may be due to the small land or the difficulty of caring for plants that fill the park. And this is the core problem

Summer is soon and your summer garden isn’t finished yet? Then you will really need help to choose a garden design and design that is suitable for this summer. Especially for those of you who have a small garden size and do not have to need extra energy to renovate it to welcome the summer. A Garden with a small size will be very easy for you to make a

Having a tiered planter is certainly very confusing if you do not have a special view of the concept, but if it is designed with great can not be denied, your tiered planter will be beautiful and become a very flexible idea. A beautiful and elegant appearance, by thinking of funds in the making, of course, you don’t need to worry about costs. Why? because you can make tiered planters

Are you thinking of changing your garden style for a little extra cost? We recommend that you rethink your garden pathway, or even make it unavailable. Practically, this allows you to be able to move in the garden without getting dirty, even on rainy days. But obviously not all of it is, a beautiful garden pathway can also enhance your garden. A well-done garden pathway can be the key to

According to pollution information in the room both at home and in the office, it can indirectly increase the risk of respiratory infections, strokes to lung cancer. And therefore, isn’t it better for us to prevent it from now on? If you ask what we can prevent it, then the answer is with plants in the house (indoor garden). Why park? Because the presence of plants in the house is

Do you want a housing element that is useful on various sides, apart from being a decoration it also benefits the family, even household cash flow? then the answer is a hydroponic garden! Surely you will get a cooler and more natural visual scenery. Now is the time for each house to have its own garden with a hydroponic garden. Hydroponic garden ways make it quite easy, beautiful for a

For those of you who want to have a garden at home, the existence of vacant land would be very important. However, the lack of land does not necessarily make you have to bury the intention to have your own garden. Because there are many, many ways for you to try to create a garden of your dreams. With the vertical garden technique, you can realize the green garden that

Given the increasingly expensive land prices, the park seems to have become a rare item in every home. In fact, the park plays an important role, namely as a supporter of green land which not only provides a balance of the environment around the house but also adds to the aesthetic value of your home. Especially for those of you who live in urban areas where you only have a

The Indoor Stone Garden idea is a garden that we should see. But this park is different from others why is that? Because this park is inside the house, not outside the house. The garden in the house adds value to our home. So in the house, we can be fresher than usual. With a garden inside the house or indoor, it is a good thing so when your relatives

Want to beautify the park? It feels incomplete if you have not entered a lawn chair. But before choosing the type and design of a park chair, there are some important things that you should pay attention to. Material or material must be a concern because it is related to durability. Aesthetically, rattan material can be an option. But unfortunately, this material does not have long durability because it cannot