A small apartment is the most favorite residence among the city dwellers. Apartments are indeed a solution, especially for areas that have limited land. In addition, apartments are now also changing into a new trend, where some people choose apartments with studio type or small size that are practical for various reasons. Most of the studio apartment designs prioritize comfort and functionality with a small size like a studio. Although

The existence of a swimming pool in the house can indeed make your home appear more luxurious and comfortable. You can make a swimming pool outdoors or outdoor as well as indoors or indoors. The indoor pool has several advantages, such as your privacy being more awake from the view of strangers and you also don’t need to worry about the weather outside the room whether it’s hot or rainy

Minimalist dining room design is widely applied in homes today, both homes with modern designs, minimalist even with a classic rural style sometimes still apply a minimalist dining room design. Don’t let your dining room be forgotten from a beautiful design. Arrange neatly and create your dining room in accordance with what the family wants. In order to increase your taste when enjoying food and increase the comfort of eating

The sink is a part that can not be separated from the bathroom or house. By choosing the right sink design with the style of home decoration, of course, it will create a modern, attractive, and elegant look. Home interior design must be arranged carefully so that it looks harmonious and more beautiful. One of the interior elements of the room that should get attention is the sink. You can

Want to have a garden but constrained by narrow land? Or want to try natural decoration in the house? It’s easy Everything can be obtained with a hanging pot as an easy solution. Not only is it ideal for narrow spaces, but some plants will also be more beautiful if placed in a hanging pot – especially if you use a beautiful hanging pot creation and can attract the attention

Your mudroom is the first thing you see when you enter your home, at least when you enter through the back or side doors, so it needs to make a strong first impression. Of course, it must also be functional. How do you make a room that is meant to protect dirty shoes, all your big outer clothes, and pet accessories that look chic and organized? Believe us, that’s possible.

The small balcony is one area that is loved by everyone. Enjoying a cup of tea while looking at the beautiful scenery or just watching the rain on the streets as a beautiful canvas is something we hope for when we return to our homes. The balcony is in the house to perfect the art of construction. When someone walks through historic cities, we will observe that stately homes and

Do you intend to make a small sunroom area in your home? As you know, the sunroom area can be used for a variety of spaces. The room is filled with an expanse of sunlight covered with glass material walls. The most appropriate nuance to be presented in this room is a tropical feel. Not only because of the sunlight, but this tropical atmosphere itself can also be presented by

The minimalist apartment is the most favorite dwelling among urban people. Apartments are indeed a solution, especially for areas where land is already limited. In addition, apartments are now also turning into a new trend in society. Some people choose the type of studio or small-sized apartment that is practical for various reasons. The idea for a small apartment makes a minimalist style stay comfortable to be a place to

Rather than being confused about choosing the concept of dwelling, why not just apply a coastal house design? Not inferior to the minimalist home design! The coastal design will bring the perfect beauty for you to enjoy and feel with a distinctive feel that makes you feel at home in your home. Especially if you choose to live in a coastal area or close to the beach, this concept is