Do you want to try a floating bed design? The design of the floating bed is rather special, they evoke a feeling of superiority, they seem to flow on the floor emphasizing the feel of space which allows air to pass through the room more easily. In contemporary interior design and architecture, modern homes and interiors are designed as simple and clean as possible with clear lines in open space.

Having ideas and ideas as creative as anything is usually not necessarily able to materialize into a masterpiece and is recognized by many people. However, another thing with the following line of best interior designers, with extraordinary work when designing a master bedroom that can make a lot of people fascinated. This series of “sacred” space designs have an almost flawless look. The aesthetic touch, the combination, and also the

Decorating a small bedroom is not easy. What’s more difficult is when decorating a small bedroom on a limited budget. But difficult does not mean impossible. When talking about the bedroom, a simple design becomes a better choice, and not messy is the most important thing. To find inspiration to transform your bedroom into a place of rest and relaxation that is beautiful with a variety of designs that you

The bedroom design can be created very personal, one of which is by using industrial themes that are suitable for displaying your unique and expressive personality. Industrial interior styles for bedrooms are no longer foreign. This masculine industrial interior design is often used for interior design and architecture of cafes, restaurants and office interiors. Although already familiar with the industrial-style look, but this interior style always steals the attention. The

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the residence. Its function as a place to rest after a day of activities makes the arrangement of this room very noticed. No wonder so many want a spacious and comfortable bedroom. However, what happens if you have a small bedroom? Especially for you who live in a small house. Or you live in a minimalist home so the size

The bedroom has always been an area or space that always needs special attention. A touch of interior design and decoration that is absolutely perfect, is something that is mandatory for this area. Rustic is the choice of an eclectic interior design style that is fitting for the main bedroom area. This interior style was intentionally created to give birth to an intimate and intimate atmosphere which is very much

By trying out bohemian bedroom designs, you can benefit from your bedroom. Hearing the word ‘bohemian’, one thing you need to know is something that is free, random, irregular, simple, but with various nuances full of art in it. Not only through fashion, but bohemian can also be applied through decoration. One that you can give a touch of bohemian style decoration is the bedroom. Where you can create bohemian

Implementing a Victorian-style master bedroom design idea at home can be a lot of fun. Most prefer this design because it tends to create a glamorous look, which can support the feminine feel in your room. This can be seen from the use of furniture, patterns, and colors. There are lots of design and decoration ideas to create a Victorian style in your home. As in your bedroom, where you

A spacious bedroom will certainly make you more comfortable in it. For your sleep, you will definitely think more comfortably and soundly in a spacious bedroom. However, what happens if you have a small bedroom? Especially for you who live in a small boarding house. Or you live in a minimalist home so the size of the room is not too broad. Without realizing it, this will more or less

The bedroom is not just a place to rest. In this room, a person can contemplate, take time to be silent for a moment and unite the mind to look for possible directions or the next action tomorrow. This needs to be done to sleep more soundly so that the mind is not disturbed due to problems or unfinished work. Sleep quality should not be underestimated because it is closely