The bathroom becomes one of the important rooms that must exist in a house. Currently, there are so many bathroom models that you can choose from. Besides having to be clean, the bathroom design can also create a comfortable and soothing atmosphere for the owner. For you who like minimalist design, we will provide a minimalist bathroom design for you with a slightly different touch. Namely the minimalist bathroom design

Although the design of a farmhouse bathroom looks more suitable for homes in the countryside, it doesn’t hurt if you live in an urban area to implement it and combine it. Because the design of a farmhouse bathroom that offers calm and warmth can actually neutralize the hectic urban atmosphere around you. Especially if you combine it with an elegant modern style for you to use every day. You can

Bathtubs can be the most appropriate alternative for you to make the main choice for you to use in a minimalist bathroom. Because the bathtub will be very suitable to give a minimalist impression in your bathroom. And as you know that bathrooms with bathtubs are now increasingly in demand, and because of that, you must be smarter in choosing your bathtub design so that it is not considered too

Along with the popularity of small and minimalist design houses, interior decoration with a mini or small concept is also becoming a trend nowadays. Its charming appearance and comfortable atmosphere make small interior decoration a favorite of many. Interior decoration with a small minimalist concept can be applied throughout the room in your homes such as the living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom. And this time we

There are various bathroom design ideas with bathtubs that you can apply at home. For the simple, you can try the minimalist style. If you want to create a different and unique nuance, rustic-style design can be an inspiration. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our home, which we always use every day. Well, a clean bathroom, and has a beautiful interior decoration, will certainly make

The bathroom is one room that can change the mood of the wearer. The bathroom is clean, beautiful, and has a neat arrangement that will cause a sense of relaxation for its users. If you have a comfortable bathroom, it will certainly help the user to relax their muscles after doing daily activities. And today many people want a bathroom with a beautiful classic impression without thinking about the space

One important thing that we must remember when planning to design a living room is to have a plan or planning for the selection of a particular room design style. Creating a Farmhouse-style living room can be a new style that you can apply in designing a room, especially a living room that in fact is often used as the main room not only to receive guests but can also

Offering a variety of colors, motifs that are lively and impressed without rules, this is a typical bohemian interior design style. The style carried by travelers who are free from this rule has a very unique uniqueness. As if to break out of rigid rules, boho style interior is able to express your dynamic, unique and attractive personality. For anyone who wants to be creative with this unique interior style

If you have a mini-sized home, space limitations would be one of the classic problems that you face every day. No exception in the bathroom. In fact, as one of the most private spaces in the house, ideally the bathroom should always be neat so that the shower routine always works to make you feel refreshed and relaxed again. Related to this, placing a shelf in the bathroom can be

Do you want a beautiful bathroom door design? I think the design of your bathroom door will affect your mood when you want to use your bathroom. In designing a bathroom door, it is also a difficult task for us, not only for those who are not specifically trained for the job but also for architects and home designers themselves who are often clogged and less creative in making choices