15+ Amazing Minimalist Wall Shelf Design Ideas For Modern Homes

Your house is often a mess because it does not have the right storage? Often we do buy things without thinking about storage. Often the items that have been used are not put in their original place. This makes the house messy and disorganized. Seeing it can stress you out too. It’s time you start looking for minimalist wall shelf design ideas to solve the problem of storage space in your home.

Items that are not neatly arranged will only reduce the essence of elegance in the home. Well, installing a wall rack is the most ideal way to keep things neat even though the house does not have extra space for storage. Minimalist design will be very fitting for you to use in modern home design today. You can get comfort and beauty in one touch for each room in your home.

Amazing Minimalist Wall Shelf Design
Amazing Minimalist Wall Shelf Design

Shelves on the wall without doors or better known as open shelves is the type of minimalist rack that is most widely used. The design is simple and open will eliminate the impression of cramped in your room. Unlike the open shelf bookshelves, for those of you lovers of books who have a large collection of books, this one shelf is suitable for placing it.

The hexagon shape or honeycomb that is rarely found in the interior of the house makes it suitable for you who like to be different and want to give a focal point to the room. Apart from being a place to store goods, this model rack can also be used as a gallery around the corner of the room. And of course, there are still many more minimalist display racks that can help you in beautifying your home. Here are some ideas that I have collected for you to try.

AmazingĀ  Design Ideas For Modern Homes

Amazing Wall Shelf
Amazing Wall Shelf – Source: yandex.com
Amazon Home Decoration
Amazon Home Decoration – Source: artplanat.com
Best Corner Shelf Ideas and Designs
Best Corner Shelf Ideas and Designs – Source: homebnc.com
Book Shelves Idea
Book Shelves Idea – Source: shanto.me
Decorative Wall Shelves
Decorative Wall Shelves – Source: designstil.info
DIY Honeycomb Hexagon
DIY Honeycomb Hexagon – Source: pinterest.com.au
Drawing Room Shelf Designs
Drawing Room Shelf Designs – Source: do-design.info
Efficient Wooden Lamp Designs
Efficient Wooden Lamp Designs – Source: watergraafsmeer.net
Floating Wall Shelves Design
Floating Wall Shelves Design – Source: petagadget.com
Luksa Corner Bookcase Oak
Luksa Corner Bookcase Oak – Source: brandalley.co.uk
Modern Entry Hall Storage
Modern Entry Hall Storage – Source: allmodern.com
Modern Floating Wall Shelves
Modern Floating Wall Shelves – Source: alaskacrochet.com
Modern Wall Mounted Bookshelves
Modern Wall Mounted Bookshelves – Source: bottomunion.com
Solid wooden and steel wall
Solid wooden and steel wall – Source: etsy.com
Stylish Espresso Floating Wall
Stylish Espresso Floating Wall – Source: minimalistdesks.com
Wall Shelves best Designs
Wall Shelves best Designs – Source: yandex.com
Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf
Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf – Source: bottomunion.com

Do you feel you have found the right idea for you to make a minimalist shelf in your modern home? I hope this article can give you the right inspiration.

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