12 Beautiful Bathroom Rack Design Ideas For Maximum Storage

The bathroom is certainly not only filled with toilets, bathtubs, and sinks. We also use towels, soap and other toiletries. To keep it neat and not fill the sink countertop, it takes a special shelf for these toiletries. Here are inspirations for bathroom rack designs that you can create for yourself or buy through furniture makers. The design is simple, not difficult to make, but effective in storing your toiletries and their backup. But, make sure the way to arrange it is also neat, so the bathroom is always comfortable to use.

A quick peek inside the bathroom is enough to know how much stuff is stored in the bathroom. To keep the bathroom tidy, you need a bathroom rack. This bathroom rack is available in various types that can be adjusted to the needs and style of the bathroom interior. The bathroom itself is a wet area and has moist air. One of the best materials for making shelves is glass because it is waterproof and easy to clean. This glass bathroom rack is suitable for modern and minimalist style bathrooms.

Beautiful Bathroom Rack Design
Beautiful Bathroom Rack Design

Some things to note when using a glass bathroom rack are routine cleaning and wiping with a cloth so that mold does not appear on the surface. Also, choose thick glass and attach it firmly to the wall so it doesn’t break easily. And for small bathrooms, you have to be smart in choosing the shape of a bathroom rack so that the room still feels relieved. One type of bathroom rack that is right is a rack with an angle of 90 degrees. Bathroom rack with elbow model mounted on the corner of the room so that no space is wasted.

For those of you who want the bathroom to look unique, please try using a wooden crate as a bathroom shelf. Bathroom shelves with materials like this are suitable for storing dry toiletries such as towels and tissue supplies. Add small embellishments to sweeten the appearance. With a touch of vintage style or farmhouse and rustic style to make it look more beautiful for you to use as a storage area in your bathroom. Here are some beautiful bathroom rack design ideas for you to try.

Beautiful Bathroom Rack Design Ideas For Maximum Storage

Bathroom Storage And Decor
Bathroom Storage And Decor – Source: mybathroombox.blogspot.com
Bathroom Wall Shelf Towel Rack
Bathroom Wall Shelf Towel Rack – Source: yourhautecouture.com
Beautiful Farmhouse Bathroom
Beautiful Farmhouse Bathroom – Source: pinterest.com.au
Chicdeco Blog A Brooklyn Inspired
Chicdeco Blog A Brooklyn Inspired – Source: chic-deco.com
Classy Farmhouse Design For Bathroom
Classy Farmhouse Design For Bathroom – Source: omghomedecor.com
Creative Ideas Rustic Bathroom
Creative Ideas Rustic Bathroom – Source: pinterest.cl
Free Standing Linen Closet
Free Standing Linen Closet – Source: neobiota2016.org
Industrial Bathroom Shelves
Industrial Bathroom Shelves – Source: guide.alibaba.com
Industrial Pipe Shelving
Industrial Pipe Shelving – Source: modvintagelife.blogspot.com
Shelves in The Bathroom
Shelves in The Bathroom – Source: ideas.sawhd.com
Small bathroom solutions
Small bathroom solutions – Source: pinterest.com
Small Bathroom Storage Ideas
Small Bathroom Storage Ideas – Source: domino.com

How? Do you see an idea that is suitable for you to try in your bathroom? I hope this article can give you comfortable and appropriate inspiration in making bathroom shelves.

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